Netcracker Enables the New Normal

By | May 30, 2019

In the two days leading up to Digital Transformation World in Nice, France, Netcracker hosted a group of analysts in London to share progress and plans for the company going forward. Customers shared details about their journeys, and strategy discussions revealed how the company is moving both its products and the industry forward at a time when virtualization, Agile, DevOps and full stack services are becoming more than buzzwords.

Optimization Without Customization
Operators have always struggled to define requirements for operation and management of resources, services and customers. As a result, OSS and BSS are typically an afterthought and not at the top of the priority list. Yet as more resources become virtual and automation of operating processes becomes mandatory, requirements for critical operations management systems are even more difficult to define.

To that end, Netcracker is flipping the script and bringing optimized full stack, end-to-end integrated solutions to operators as cloud or managed services. While operators previously would have never considered an off-the-shelf full stack solution for end-to-end operations; many are finding that the complexity and demands of this new operating environment are more than they want to tackle alone. The result is a willingness to let an experienced solution provider dictate operational processes and systems to minimize integration and ensure reliability.

Netcracker has implemented a scaled agile methodology that meets operators at their existing agile development maturity level. Using its Blueprint analysis and design approach, each deployment is optimized for the individual operator to ensure timely delivery with minimal integration.

Bringing the Services
In 2017, ICT Intuition research revealed that for more than 70% of operators, integrating new network technology into existing networks and even the technology itself are significant hurdles to digital transformation. This complexity, combined with a constant shortage of qualified staff, is resulting in the need for managed services and even outsourcing of traditional OSS/BSS functions.

Netcracker continues to invest in training staff and retaining scarce skills and that has enabled the company to scale its managed services business at the same time the market is becoming comfortable with outsourcing and managed services. The ability to deliver operating platforms and solutions via the cloud makes updating and maintaining those solutions more flexible. To take full advantage of its Agile and DevOps approach, Netcracker will no longer build large version releases that require months of regression testing and training; but rather employ continuous Agile development, integration and testing that simplifies maintenance and minimizes the impact of changes.

Netcracker derives a significant amount of revenue from services and is bringing as-a-service solutions to market at a time when operators are finally willing to accept as-built operations management solutions. Netcracker has done a good job of anticipating the market, and I look forward to future solutions and deployments.