MWC 2017

By | March 8, 2017

Another Mobile World Congress is in the books. Walking, meetings, walking, late nights, walking and good information shared by all. There was a sense of empowerment among the vendors and operators as they visited the booths and hiked the halls. A sense that things are starting to happen and maybe, just maybe, we’re getting closer to the next version of our business – digital services.

Our discussions reflected active and tangible efforts rather than the passive and conceptual discussions that have dominated years past. Rather than broad concepts like 5G or IoT or Customer Experience; we talked of outcomes and examples, successes rather than strategies. Not that those strategies aren’t important, but at some point it’s time to go to work. And that’s what I saw and heard this year. Specifically we spoke of digitization, consolidation and monetization.

In a recent ICT Intuition study, 67% of the more than 120 service providers surveyed claim to be digital service providers (DSPs), yet most sold only network services and had no partner strategies. Moving up the value chain to deliver the end-to-end, “put together” digital services that both businesses and consumers are demanding requires a cultural and operational shift that encompasses everything and everyone from the core of the network to the partners providing applications and content.

Having a digital network doesn’t make you a DSP so we’re going to look into that some more. We’re also going to find out if operators are becoming digital enterprises themselves. That might not be necessary, but it would certainly help improve customer experience and empower employees. Digital experience is also on our list for this year and not just another version of CX but how to deliver it, how to measure it and how to make it happen.

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