In the Enterprise, Build it and They Will Come

By | April 8, 2015

Over the past six months I’ve had a lot of conversations with communication service providers and their vendors discussing business services. In short, they are trying to determine, “What do Enterprises Want?” So we decided to ask. Along with Coleman Parkes research, we surveyed 1003 business leaders to find out what’s missing from current connected digital services offerings and what we learned is that there is a tremendous pent-up demand for connected digital services.
Businesses want connected digital services. Period. They want to use them, they want to resell them, and they want communication service providers to deliver them. But they don’t want service providers to deliver do-it-yourself components with “some assembly required”.
Business customers in most industries exist in a highly competitive environment where they can no longer afford the expertise, infrastructure, and maintenance required to take advantage of connected digital services. Enterprises also want security and reliability and a trusted partner to make sure it all keeps working. In short, enterprises want digital communication services providers to step up and deliver fully integrated, secure, connected applications as a service. Not pieces, not parts, not platforms or ecosystems but working services that work for businesses.
It’s time for service providers to step up and lead. Instead of implementing technology to catch up to an OTT competitor, how about integrating technology into a turnkey service that benefits business? But service providers need to get out of their own way. They need to stop marketing bandwidth, capacity, and LTE and start selling real services. Not service elements that leave enterprises on their own to design, architect, and build what they so desperately need. Service providers need to sign partners, do deals, create alliances and deliver eHealth and smart cities and important connected foundational services that change entire industries and make us wonder how we ever got along without them.
There’s a big gap between digital services providers and enterprises – and it’s filled with money!!
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