I’m Tired of Talking About Innovation

As analyst I am constantly bombarded with the latest and the greatest. Every kind of new and nifty feature, function, service and system that vendors can imagine shows up as a press release in my in-box and every single one says it’s innovative. While there are some genuinely clever things coming to market in this… Read More »

Ready or Not – Here They Come!

Last week Ericsson and Cisco announced a “next generation strategic partnership” that will enable collaboration and cooperation in the definition, delivery and support of business services in the enterprise. In the interest of full disclosure; the briefing that was given to analysts didn’t emphasize enterprise services as the impetus for the partnership but the speakers… Read More »

So, Who’s Minding the Store?

There was an article in the Financial Times about the “Human Cloud” and the new world of work where those tasks that aren’t being done by robo-somethings are outsourced to individuals anywhere in the world that have an Internet connection. “Employers are starting to see the human cloud as a new way to get work… Read More »

Scale is Scary

We did some research earlier this year on the business appetite for connected services. We found that while the appetite is strong, the offerings are weak. Not that service providers aren’t delivering their usual standards of quality and performance, because they are. No, the weakness comes in the dearth of actual, integrated services that a… Read More »

Why Don’t We Use Customer Data to Help Customers?

I recently went to the dentist and while this is typically a less-than-pleasant experience, this trip was made more so because I had to discuss a billing issue. It seems that my dentist recently changed their billing arrangements and is switching to a new billing services provider. While I would normally not give this a… Read More »

In the Enterprise, Build it and They Will Come

Over the past six months I’ve had a lot of conversations with communication service providers and their vendors discussing business services. In short, they are trying to determine, “What do Enterprises Want?” So we decided to ask. Along with Coleman Parkes research, we surveyed 1003 business leaders to find out what’s missing from current connected… Read More »

When the Going Gets Tough – The Tough Get Help

I’ve recently spent an exhausting weekend helping my daughter plan her wedding and after being asked about everything from colors to tuxedo lapel widths to cake frosting flavors – I gave up and hired a wedding coordinator. Why not? This is not something that most of us do every day or even regularly. The last… Read More »

Enable The Enterprise

For several years, we’ve advocated for service providers to become enablers so that businesses and industries can define and develop their own digital services. Many network operators have built platforms that give enterprises access to an environment that includes all the connectivity, infrastructure, development environment, and “infrastructure stuff” needed to connect employees, customers, partners, devices,… Read More »

Time For Technology Transfer

When I worked in aerospace, we applied the term “Technology Transfer” to our evaluation of other companies and industries – their successes, failures, processes, metrics, and systems. At ICT Intuition, we call it Technology Scouting, but the concept is the same. Look at what other businesses are selling and doing and think about how it… Read More »