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Silver Linings: A Playbook for Bringing Back Business Services

(With all credit and apologies to the excellent movie, Silver Linings Playbook) As businesses around the globe attempt to resume activities, operators and purveyors of digital services will play an even more significant role than during the shut down and hopefully each has learned a few things during this unique time in our shared history.… Read More »

Netcracker Enables the New Normal

In the two days leading up to Digital Transformation World in Nice, France, Netcracker hosted a group of analysts in London to share progress and plans for the company going forward. Customers shared details about their journeys, and strategy discussions revealed how the company is moving both its products and the industry forward at a… Read More »

Building Better Business Services – Becoming a Business BFF

Underlying all the tech talk about 5G, NFV/SDN, analytics and machine learning is some serious concern about services and monetization. Basically, this digital transformation stuff is expensive and given that consumers aren’t going to pay a lot more for digital capacity, how are operators going to make money? I would never minimize the importance of… Read More »

It’s Time to Think Outside the Conference Room

We’re all talking about strategy. Digital strategy, cloud strategy, machine learning strategy, agile development strategy and on and on. Yet, I’ve seen very little discussion about process. I know, I know – as soon as you mention the word process eyes roll and minds wander, but the truth is you won’t get anywhere without it.… Read More »

Risk v. Scale

As service providers and businesses of all sizes continue on the path to becoming digital enterprises, there are a lot of new and innovative solutions coming to market. Devices, readers, platforms and software that enable digital supply chains, IoT and the means to connect anything are being rapidly developed and deployed. As buyers we get… Read More »

I Want a Divorce!

For all the innovation and all the talk of digital transformation, precious little seems to actually be happening. Service providers are stuck on WiFi, LTE, Gigs and data plans while over-the-top providers (and pretty much everyone else) are imagining and actually building new and mostly useful digital service offerings. Face it, these are two different… Read More »

Quick Quiz: Are DSPs Digital Enterprises?

A digital network does not make you a digital service provider and random automation does not make you a digital enterprise. In a recent ICT Intuition survey, 67% of the more than 120 communication service providers claimed to be digital service providers (DSPs), yet most sold only network services, had no partner strategies and couldn’t… Read More »

MWC 2017

Another Mobile World Congress is in the books. Walking, meetings, walking, late nights, walking and good information shared by all. There was a sense of empowerment among the vendors and operators as they visited the booths and hiked the halls. A sense that things are starting to happen and maybe, just maybe, we’re getting closer… Read More »

Don’t Assume a Business Model

As the industry’s network obsession continues unabated – 5G, NFV, IoT – take the time to lift your head up out of the trenches and take a peek outside of the data center to consider what business you’re actually in. Building networks and installing servers to deliver infrastructure are absolutely necessary pursuits, but they aren’t business… Read More »